When you become a subscriber to GreeleyNet, you are paying for the service of an Internet connection. This includes all of your online time, email, and space on our servers so you can create a home page on the World-Wide Web.

In order to get you started, GreeleyNet will assist with setup and may provide you with some basic software for dialing in, using e-mail, and browsing the World Wide Web. This software was not written by us - nor directly supported by us. For some of the software, you may be required to pay for the software after using it for a period of time. Installation of the software is straight-forward if you properly follow the instructions contained in the Readme file. Occasionally, problems may occur, especially if you have had other online services, such as America Online or Compuserve, previously installed. While we can try to help you, we cannot necessarily resolve all conflicts with anything but standard hardware and software configurations. Please read all of the Readme files installed on your hard drive. Our free orientation session gives an overview of the use of each program, but to learn more, please read the documentation included with or available for each program.

The Internet is much more than just email and the World-Wide Web. As you get more involved, you will undoubtedly learn about other parts of the Internet, including USENET (News), IRC (chat), and ftp (file transfers). You may need additional software as you learn and want to do more. The best way to obtain these programs is through the Internet itself. There are thousands of shareware programs that you can download from the Internet to evaluate. A good place to start searching is the software section of the web site.

The Internet is a large network with a lot to offer, but it is easy to get discouraged by the seeming lack of organization. There are three basic ways to learn more about the Internet: reading books, taking classes, and spending time on the Internet. This last one, spending time on the Internet, is probably the most important - the more time you spend online, the more comfortable you will be with using it. GreeleyNet offers consutation and training on HTML, web site design, and various Internet software. Subsequent to initial setup, this may incur hourly charges. Please refer to our current price listing for additional services. There are also numerous books available on Internet topic, revised as each new Browser is updated. Whether you are a beginner or veteran, want the basics or details about something in particular, there are probably a dozen books available to you. This is an emerging technology, in its infancy really. No one has all of the answers and it's a daunting task to keep updated over a variety of Internet technologies.

If you experience difficulties with your browser software, e-mail accout, or other aspects of setup, olease call (970)330-2050 or email support@greeleynet.com.

Thank you again for choosing GreeleyNet Online for your local Internet services.

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