Products and Services Price Listing

Service Price More
Unlimited Access Time Dial-up Accounts 56K:  $20/month plus $20 Setup Fee

Secure server access $15/month additional

NEW! Add Multilink Dual Modem for $17.50 Setup and $17.50/month.

Includes 5MB Disk  Space, Software*, Local Access throughout the Front Range.  On-site setup and free on-site support.

Remote 800 Access at $9.00/hour and IPass $5.00/hour

Includes FTP area and Telnet shell per user request.

Unlimited Access Time Specialty Dial-Up
(see below for dedicated services)
64K ISDN:  $30/month plus $30 Setup Fee

128K ISDN:  $50/month plus $50 Setup Fee

Requires ISDN line from US West.  Nominally $40/mon for 64K.
256K DSL Residential:  $25/month $25/setup.  Optional hardware installation $15.  (US West $80)

Commercial:  $35/month $35/setup.   Optional hardware installation $15.  Optional network configuration $15/hour plus parts.

Static IP $15/setup, $7.50/month.
Routed network $35/year.

Tier pricing for higher bandwidths.

Includes 10 hours roving access.

Requires US West DSL line configuration and subscription.  Can ride on existing line, eliminating need for additional line to home or business.  Line can still be used for phone/FAX even while DSL is running.   Cost may prove neglible.  Call us for details!  You can host web server or network with us!

Currently distance limited to 3 line miles from US West switch.  Range to extend in near future.  Call 970-330-2050 for information on line testing and subscription.

Dedicated access (24x7): Price on application. *Subject to US West circuit availability
Specialized equipment may be required at user site.  Dedicated IP assignment.
Banner Ads $7.50/month plus $22 Design Fee, if needed. Hot-Link to Your Web.
Business Web Page with Images and Hotlinks(no scripting) $20/month

Photo Services available at reasonable rates

Free Design with 12 month contract.
$15/hour design with 6 month contract
$22/hour design mounted on other service
Two month Free Banner Ad mounted with 12 month web page contract
Free Banner Ad Design
Multiple Search Listing
Business Web Page(fully featured) Negotiable E-mail ordering, Forms, Animation
Domain Hosting $20/month, $35/setup Includes unlimited Virtual Post Office

On-Site Consulting, Network Setup, Training

$22/hour ($15/hour for GreeleyNet Customer)
Books, software, and hardware at additional cost
Subcontractor for large projects
Microsoft Office Std, Pro, and Small Business
--- Access
--- Word
--- Excel
--- PowerPoint
--- Project
Windows 3.x
Windows 95/98
NT Workstation 4.0
Classified Ads Personal: Free
Business: $5/month
Plain text ads
For Sale By Owner Page $10/month, $25/three months Includes photo, description, and data table
As of: 16 June 1999

Prices are subject to modification without notice.

Attn: Advertising
P.O. Box 337081
Greeley, CO 80633-0619

*MS Internet Explorer, News and Mail support for Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98/NT, and MAC/PowerPC.