The Mission of GreeleyNet

GreeleyNet exists to provide a public access community information network for the Greeley, CO and Weld County area. We desire to link Weld County citizens, organizations, and businesses, and to facilitate Internet development in our area.


Free World-Wide Public Access
GreeleyNet can be accessed globally by anyone with access to the Internet and World Wide Web browser software. The public can access GreeleyNet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Access is free and time is unlimited.

Selected Free Community Information
As a service to Greeley and Weld County, GreeleyNet provides information on community events and services. This community service is free to selected entertainment and service providers in the Greeley area. Contact GreeleyNet for more information,

Greeley Area E-Mail Directory
GreeleyNet provides a free service to Greeley area residents who wish to be included in an area electronic mail directory. The directory includes name(s), e-mail address, home page address (if desired), and a field for comments. Please use the E-MAIL DIRECTORY FORM to submit addition requests. Requests for changes and/or deletions should be mailed to

GreeleyNet Classified Ads
GreeleyNet provides a public online classified ads section. Ad listings are free to the general public and are available to businesses for a low cost. Please use the CLASSIFIED AD FORM to submit ad entries. Please direct questions to

GreeleyNet Real Estate Directory
GreeleyNet provides a real estate listing directory, open house directory, and realtor directory for the Greeley area. Realtors and private sellers are encouraged to submit entries to these directories. See the REAL ESTATE DIRECTORY INFORMATION PAGE for more information on submiting entries to the directories.

Business and Commerce
In an effort to help Greeley area businesses, large and small, develop a presence on the Internet, GreeleyNet provides a wide range of fee-based services. Services include web page design and development, web page hosting, links to GreeleyNet from existing web pages, basic internet consulting, and others.

Local Dial-Up Internet Accounts
Through an alliance with an area Internet Service Provider, GreeleyNet offers dail-up Internet acounts for personal and business use. A low-cost range of services are available. Please refer to the terms, policies, and user information for a GreeleyNet accounts.

GreeleyNet Sponsorship
Expose your business and/or web page to GreeleyNet viewers by sponsoring a GreeleyNet page. Sponsor ads are "clickable" graphic images that take viewers directly to your business or ad page. Requests for more information on sponsorships may be mailed to

Virtual E-Mail Address
Already have an e-mail account? Support Greeley and save some hassles with a GreeleyNet Virtual E-Mail Address. For $2/month (billed by the quarter) you can have a permanant GreeleyNet e-mail address, regardless of your current e-mail provider (this is an automatic mail forwarding service, you must maintain an e-mail provider of some kind to use this service). For example, instead of, your new address might be or (or BOTH). Changing jobs or switching e-mail providers? No problem, your Virtual Address can be updated as often as once a month! Your e-mail will always be forwarded to your current address. No more re-printing business cards and changing e-mail addresses!

Area Internet Development
By networking with Internet related service individuals and organizations, GreeleyNet desires to help facilitate further Internet development in the Greeley and Weld County area.

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